5 Healthy Tips For All Truck Drivers


Health Crisis In The Trucking Industry

images (32)It’s no secret that many truck drivers are facing obesity and many health conditions brought on by being overweight. There’s nothing easy about being a truck driver. Living life on the road, you don’t have the convenience of eating healthy meals at home. When the truck isn’t moving, your not making money. While I understand all the obstacles you face, you can get healthy. It doesn’t matter if your an OTR truck driver or long-haul truck driver, you can get healthy. I’m going to explain everything you need to know in this article.

Ok, yes, we’re have pointed out truck drivers, but these sale rules apply to everyone. So if you’re not a truck driver, we appreciate your visit. But you can still get help because the same health rules apply to us all.

Now, if you’re in a hurry or you want a detailed plan to follow, my guide will help you. You can get it by clicking here. Real quickly, If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, this eBook will give you the advice to shed the pounds and get you tuned up for the long haul. All of the information we pass along is specifically designed with the over the road trucker lifestyle in mind.

5 Healthy Tips For Truck Drivers

  • Getting Proper Sleep
  • Effort To Exercise
  • Eating Healthy on The Road
  • Reducing Your Stress
  • Making Healthy Living Routine

We’re going to explore each one of these 5 healthy tips for truck drivers and explain them in detail. Some of them are obvious as the sun rising. Yet, many truck drivers fail to put in the effort that it takes to change their lifestyle. Guilty, I’ve been there. A medical emergency can open your eyes but we don’t want it to get to that point, right? Instead, we want to start making the changes today and we want you to start living a healthy lifestyle.

I already know I’m preaching to the choir here. Truck drivers are certainly not an easy group to speak too, little alone convert. However, when you realize how important your health is, it can really give you the motivation and inspiration that you need to make this work, make the appropriate changes and live a healthy lifestyle. Again, we cover all of this and much more in our eBook above.

Getting Proper Sleep

Getting proper sleep is important to us all, extremely important to a truck driver. The Tracy Morgan accident really put a emphasis on getting proper sleep and how this relates to trucking industry safety. A healthy recommendation is a full 8 hours of sleep. For truck drivers, this is easier said then done. It’s all about making an effort though. You have to try your best to reach 8 hours or get close to it. Not only is lack of sleep a huge safety concern, it’s unhealthy. Your body needs rest to recharge. If you’re not getting proper sleep, this can make you feel tired, drained of energy and sluggish.

Make An Effort To Exercise

A lot of the information your reading is about making an effort to do something. The same goes for this obvious healthy tip, make an effort to exercise. There’s a lot of opportunity to get out of the truck and get to exercising. When your waiting on a load or haul, take the time to get a walk in. Carry a set of dumbbells around to work the arms. Take a quick jog for cardio. We have opportunity to exercise throughout the day. You don’t have to start heavy, ease your body into it and get use to the changes at first. Eventually, you can increase the workouts and exercise as your body adapts.

Eating Healthy On The Road

Eating healthy alone is enough to help you lose weight and get healthy. It’s all about eating healthy. Your body needs proper nutrition daily. Burgers, steak sandwiches, French fries, and hotdogs is not a healthy diet. If you have to stay away from truck stop dining, make the effort. In my book, I go into deep detail what you can eat, proper calories intake and burning calories. It’s a simple equation. in order to lose weight, you have to burn more calories then you consume. It’s that straight forward. If you don’t, you won’t lose weight.

If you eat right, you can lose weight. Your body needs the proper nutrition and elements, that goes for your organs, bones and muscles also. When you aide this with exercise, the combination is enough to see results quick. The hardest part is the lifestyle change, it can be tough. Put yourself on the road for 80 hours a week and it’s even tougher. You can do it, I’ve did it and so have other truck drivers. It’s all about change and for many truck drivers, a change is needed.

Think about foods that give you energy. There’s a wide range of foods out there that can help give you more energy for the long nights and days ahead. You also have vitamins that can do the same.

Reducing Your Stress

No other healthy tip that I give you may be more important then reducing your stress. Ever heard, “stress kills?” Well, it’s a truthful statement. Stress can kill you. Truck driving is a demanding career. Every second and mile counts, every load and haul. If you have an open mind about stress reducing techniques, these can be extremely helpful for you. You have to keep stress at a minimum and that is easier said then done.

Stress is very unhealthy for you. When you drive on the road 11 hours a day, it’s only a matter of time before you run into an idiot on the road, someone acting like a maniac driver. They pass you doing a buck 90 only to hold you up in the slow lane a few miles ahead. These triggers are daily and stress can put a boat load on the health of your heart and general health. You could have stress at home, stress financially, medically, anything can trigger stress.┬áLearn how to stay cool and keep your calm. Everyone has their different ways of dealing with stress. Relaxing techniques can work, check into them.

Making Living Healthy Routine

Change is very hard, especially among truck drivers. We like routine, this is one reason we get stuck in our habits. However, you have to making living healthy routine in your life. Your not going to be able to make all the changes overnight. You just can’t. This has to be a gradual change and process. Start slow, trying to do all of this at once can cause more harm then good. Create healthy habits, make it a part of your routine. Ease into the transition and everything will become more easier and adapting.

Very few of you are going to be able to make changes overnight. It’s just nearly impossible. But as a truck driver, you know the definition of routine. Right? You have to make the effort to make healthy living routine in your life. I know it’s tough, probably more tough then any other industry. Especially when you’re driving by fast food joints all day long. I don’t have to tell you that you’re health is important, you already know that. It takes a big effort on your part, but it’s not impossible. If you start with these 5 healthy tips for truck drivers, you’re going to start seeing big changes.

You Can Live A Healthy Life As A Truck Driver

Truck drivers, we’re one voice, one nation of hard working drivers from all around the world. We move America, England, Canada and other countries all around the world. Think about it for a moment. If we can move the economy, surely we can lose weight. I challenge you all, don’t be another statistic, you are better. You can achieve anything that you want too. Your family deserves to have you around and you deserve to be with your family. I know that is why your driving. Together, like we always have, we can make a difference. God Bless you all, good luck on your journey and please support our efforts by commenting below.

I hope you enjoyed and learned something from our 5 healthy tips for truck drivers. Stay safe on the road, safe at home and please feel free to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.