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Truck driving safety is the most important element for any truck driver. Learn how you can become a safe and productive truck driver at Truckers Logic.


Monday Morning Drive – Two Rollover Accidents within two miles

10 Miles West of Mountain Home, Idaho. This is the video of the two rollover accidents I caught with my dash cam. Please slow down and drive safe.   http://youtu.be/G5t4H7lgfss
ATA And Safety

ATA Urges Safety While Operating Vehicles

Safety Tips For All Drivers The ATA was in Arlington, Virginia today, promoting safety behind the wheel and focusing on distraction-related injuries and deaths. Cell phones are to blame for many distraction related injuries and...

The 4-Minute Pass – Truck Driver Training Video

BlueParrott B250-XT Bluetooth Headset

Blue Parrot Road Warrior B250-XT Review

Since its introduction, the B250-XT 202720-C Blue Parrot Road Warrior Bluetooth Headset has been widely regarded for its ability to knock out the most aggressive ambient noise—even the roar of an 18-wheeler! Its advanced noise-canceling...

NTSB Blames Truck Driver For Chesapeake Bridge Accident

Truck Driver At Fault For 2013 Accident The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) reported that a truck driver who was unfamiliar with traffic patterns on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and wasn’t paying attention to the road as...

NTSB Offers Recomendations-Truck Driver Safety

  The National Transportation Safety Board met in Washington on Thursday, urging the National Highway Safety Administration to consider recommendations that promote truck driver safety. The NTSB made seven recommendations to improve tractor-trailer safety. The NTSB...

Ice Road Trucker: Surviving The Winter Season

The months of January and February are rapidly approaching, and with them comes the added danger of harsh winter weather. For the average truck driver this means taking extra precautions to ensure the freight...

Choosing Your Fuel Stops: How To Effectively Plan Your Route

Choosing Fuel Stops   Choosing fuel stops is a very important aspect of truck driving. Perhaps the most important part of being a good truck driver, apart from driving safely, is to be able to reach...

Winter Weather Driving Tools

Truck Driving In Bad Weather One of the greatest tools we have as a truck driver is our judgement. We use our judgement all day and every day. The majority of people can afford a...

Winter Weather Driving Tips for Truck Drivers

Driving a semi alone is already dangerous. When you add a little snow, ice and any other winter elements you may have to deal with, your safety is on a whole new level. Winter weather...