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Trucking Industry Electronic Speed Limiters

Nation’s Safety Chief Pushing Regulation Requiring Electronic Speed Limiters

  Electronic Speed Limiters Being Pushed On The Trucking Industry The nation's highway safety chief recently stated that his agency will push for quick actions on a regulation requiring electronic speed limiters on big rigs. It...
ATA Wants Spending Bill Passed

ATA And Truck Lobby Press For Congress To Pass Spending Bill

Omnibus Spending Bill Needs To Be Passed Immediately The largest U.S. trucking advocacy group wants Congress to pass an omnibus spending bill during its “lame duck” session, not a continuing resolution that simply extends funding...
2014 Election

Election 2014; What It Means For The Trucking Industry

The Trucking Industry Awaits Election 2014 Results With the Congressional election officially here, we've been weighing in on what the election means for the trucking industry. According to the experts, we could see more harsh rulemaking,...