Truck Load Boards

If you’re looking for the best truck load boards online, you may be overwhelmed by all the options you have. For a truck driver or an owner operator looking for loads, this can be time consuming and confusing. When you think about all the factors you want in truck load boards, there’s only a handful that gives you the opportunities you need to be successful. After reviewing dozens of the top truck load boards online, we found DAT offers the best and that is why Truckers Logic partners with DAT Solutions.

Fast Truck Loads

DAT is one of the only truck load boards that gives instant updates. Their truck load boards are always updated with the latest truck load available. No other competitor comes close. This gives you more opportunities to grab the truck loads you want in real-time.

Multiple Truck Load Types

The DAT truck load board has a wide range of truck loads for different trucking types, ensuring that you’ll have available loads to pick up no matter what type of truck you drive. You’ll find truck loads forĀ  van, flat, reefer or specialty trailer trucks. And since more truck loads are posted on DAT than any other truck load board, why wouldn’t you go where the opportunity is?

Truck Loads For Carriers

With DAT, carriers earnedĀ $1,370 more per truck monthly on average. Carriers will see your loads as soon as you post them. DAT’s instant search results will allow you to find trusted safe carriers fast and easy. On average, there’s 3 times more trucks looking for loads on DAT than any other truck load boards in the world. When you need your loads delivered fast and safe, DAT is the responsible choice.

Secure And Safe Load Boards

No other truck load board in the world has comparing credentials and a proven track record matching that of DAT Solutions. You’ll have the opportunity to review such credentials yourself as the DAT review system is fair, trusted and accurate. DAT has been one of the highest quality truck load marketplaces for years and they continue to improve their services.

Growing Your Business

DAT has great opportunities for both truck drivers and companies. When it comes to dependability and the safety of your business, you should never leave anything to risk. The best truck drivers in the world call DAT home.

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