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There's a number of different products we review for truck drivers and the every day Joe. You'll find those reviews here.

Apple iPhone 6 Reviews

Apple iPhone 6, Gold 16GB

If you have owned any of the Apple iPhones at some point and time, you're going to appreciate the upgrade from the Apple iPhone 5 to the iPhone 6. This is by far the...

Blue Parrot Road Warrior B250-XT Bluetooth Headset Review

Blue Parrot Road Warrior B250-XT Bluetooth Headset Review
Samsung Galaxy 7

Samsung Galaxy 7 Inch Tablet

7 Inch Tablet From Samsung Over the years truck drivers have increasingly come to rely on mobile tablet PC devices to help them perform their jobs. According to Uship, an internet shipping company, close to...
Fuel Efficient Tire

Fuel Efficient Tire For Long-Haul Drivers Released By Goodyear

New Fuel Efficient Tire Will Benefit All Drivers A new fuel efficient tire for long-haul truck drivers was released by Goodyear yesterday and some are calling the new tire a game changer. According to Goodyear...
Truck Drivers Ebay

Ebay Is Great For Truck Drivers

At Truckers Logic, we try to do our best to give truck drivers valuable information in all aspects of the industry. That can relate to a variety of different aspects of the trucking industry....
amazon fire phone

Amazon Fire Phone $0.99

If you could get the Amazon Fire phone for just $0.99, would you? Amazon is about to find out and you as well.  Amazon just announced that the Amazon Fire phone will only be...